Company Profile

To provide customers a customized, a small amount of diversified sample manufacturing, precision machinery plates, boxes sheet metal plates, welding machine parts complete solution.

About us

The company has customized, a few diversified, sample manufacturing, precision machinery sheet metal processing capacity of the vertical integration of finished products, to provide customers with a complete OEM unified window.
Flexible processing technology, sophisticated samples for a variety of small varieties of products, delivery speed.
Create the advantage of rapid integration and flexible equipment manufacturing.
In order to consistently operate the production process, to provide high quality and complete production operation procedures.

Business philosophy

"Honesty"and "Reality" ~ Long-term business is integrity. Great effort service is honestly,which is our belief in sustainable development.
Under the principle of "benefiting others, benefiting ourselves and ourselves," we look forward to the support and encouragement of our customers and will continue our efforts in the general direction of "customer-oriented and quality-oriented."
Self-discipline staff intends to gather effort, strict discipline will have a strong executive ability, a strong sense of responsibility, stimulate creativity, and jointly create the goal of competitiveness.

Work process

Customer Inquiry → Business → Confirmation of Order → Program Design → Laser Cutting → Reaming, Tapping, Rivet, Straight Nailing → NC Bending Molding → Caliper measurement →Welding set up work → Grinding and Polishing → Quality Control → Surface treatment (gantry milling machine, paint, printing, plating, anode, electrolysis) → surface inspection, paws, quality control → packing → contact and shipping

Work process chart

ISO certification