About us

The company has customized, a few diversified, sample manufacturing, precision machinery sheet metal processing capacity of the vertical integration of finished products, to provide customers with a complete OEM unified window. Flexible processing technology, sophisticated samples for a variety of small varieties of products, delivery speed. Create the advantage of rapid integration and flexible equipment manufacturing. In order to consistently operate the production process, to provide high quality and complete production operation procedures.

Passed ISO 9001:2015 / ISO 14001:2015 | EU RoHS | Our cooperative factories are in compliance with green environmental protection regulations


Laser cutting / NC Bending Machine / Chassis rack、box sheet metal / Manufacture of metal products / Welding & Argon welding / OEM&ODM

We have a group of experienced professionals, from drawings, layout and production to delivery have a dedicated staff。 Strict control, rapid delivery and high mobility can indeed meet and meet the needs of a small number of different customers.